tubeX XPM3000


The wide selection of modules makes the XPM headend series very versatile. With XPM series headends TV and radio signals of different sources can be processed and distributed in the best possible way. XPM headends are the perfect solution for housing estates, hotels and hospitals with versatile demands of the community system. Due to the possibility to change the modules easily, XPM headends can be equipped inexpensively with the latest technology over the years.

The base unit XPM 3000 XD provides module slots for ten modules. The base unit contains the control unit and a large power supply unit. Two temperature controlled fans raise lifetime of the built-in components additionally. All module parameters can be adjusted easily with four keys and the LC display.

The base unit XPM 3000 X allows full administration of the headend via LAN or the internet, resp. with a PC on site.XPM 3000 X10 provides one output for each module slot. These outputs can be combined e.g. with MC filters and can be fed to an external amplifier.