tubeX 5X


TubeX 5X is based on a faster SoC, Allwinner H5, in comes with increased memory (1 GB), Bluetooth 4.1 support for advanced connectivity (optional) with peripheral devices, support of 4K playback, video post-processing and a newer version of Android 7.1. tubeX 5X is the optimal choice for users who would like to have a little extra power for the most high-resolution content available from premium IPTV providers.

The tubeX 5X line is intended for a very broad audience, including, but not limited to:

  • Home and office users seeking an inexpensive alternative for regular laptops and desktop PC’s for work and entertainment.
  • Schools and universities looking for cost-efficient ways to upgrade their computer classes and implement distance learning practices.
  • Telecom operators, providers of OTT content and ISP’s in search for highly customizable, flexible, compact and inexpensive units that could become the hardware foundation for their services.