About Us

XPOWER Maldives Pte. Ltd. was established on 19th February 2003 for the purpose of venturing in the field of satellite TV, Communications equipment trade in the Maldives in order to contribute for the country’s economic growth. The contribution to the country’s economy is by way of investment and attempting to utilize local staffs in the business

The Company’s prime concern from the time of formation has been to utilize its time and money in the field of Satellite TV and communication and hence to achieve the status in the line of the leading Satellite TV, companies in the country. Over the past years, the company has expanded extensively, both in the range of services and customer base. Today, X-Power Maldives Pte Ltd. has established its presence all over the country including the capital Male’ and many remote island and atolls as well. Our customers include a number of major Resorts, Hotels business establishments, Government offices and individuals. X-Power Maldives recently started to give IPTV service in the Maldives by joining a German company named Teracue and another company in France Anevia and we are the main party for dealing TajTV, Indovision, Star Package and other relevant channels for the customer’s request

As part of our continuous and ambition expansion plans, we are exploring new venues for our enterprising efforts and X-Power Maldives Pte. Ltd. As a professional service provider commands second to none customer loyalty and satisfaction earned through providing reliable services. Our team of staff is highly motivated and possesses the marketing and technical expertise required tooffer the services. The company has its own working force and tools and equipment’s required for the business and it has plans to extend the resources with the growth in the business.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves in extending our valuable customers a value added service and maintaining a total quality management in our operations. Our vision is to attain the status as a widely recognized Cable TV operator through a high-class quality in the projects to meet the growing demand of the Satellite TV and Communication market and many more.